About Us

Misfit Roleplay was established on April 1, 2020. The aim of our community was to advance the expectation of the quality of life in a FiveM server and show people what can be done with a little bit of effort. The majority of MisfitRP is based off closed source scripts created by Whit3Xlightning and the other great minds in the shadows of the FiveM project. Join the server and RP with our great community and the assets that are with it. We strive to deliver a great experience along with keeping our doors open to all groups of people. You can view and apply to our different departments in the navigation bar.

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Server Divisions

Emergency Services

We are a FiveM roleplay server, meaning our server is centered around emergency services. Without them the server would be a very uneventful, yet chaotic place.

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Civilians are the people that keep the server interesting, requiring a different and unique mind to think of new an exsiting role play ideas.

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Staff are the people that keep the server running, enforcing rules and supporting the people at the top to make sure things run smoothly at all times of the day.

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