Donator Packages

grapeseed main street

$5 / mo

Grapeseed Package

  • Access to special discord channels
  • Access to realistic addon vehicles
  • Access to insider updates
  • Access to Addon peds
  • Unlimited Ammo & Get all weapons
paleto bay sign

$10 / mo

Paleto Bay Package

  • All Grapeseed perks
  • Access to special discord channels
  • Access to super cars
  • Access to premium addon vehicles
  • Access to MK2 Weapons
los santos skyline

$15 / mo

Los Santos Package

  • All Paleto Bay perks
  • Access to planes and helicopters
  • Access to a personal voice channel
  • Access to high end addon vehicles
  • One custom addon vehicle

One Time Donations

Misfit Roleplay is not free to run, we have reoccuring bills every month that we must pay to keep the server running. Without the money from these donations all financial responablity falls on us, the owners. While we will obiously willing assume the responablity for the server we appreatiate it a lot when members of the server help out. On top of recieving benifets in the server for a monthly fee, we also allow one time donations made through paypal. All donations made to the server go straight back into operation and paying for the costs of new assets.